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Hey! I'm Georgia.

Current & ex yachties, let's make your CV shine brighter than the sun in the Mediterranean ☀️

And ladies, let's make healthy living a breeze (with room for wine 🍷)


Certified Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,  Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, ex Superyacht Chief Stewardess, Harry Potter nerd and avid wearer of tie-dye sweatpants.

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Hey there, I'm your go-to gal for all things health, career, and life. I'm here to help you boss up your life and give the finger to anyone who says you can't.

✨ Are you tired of feeling like a potato and want to get fit without wanting to vom? Let's find workouts that don't feel like you're being tortured and create a fitness plan that actually works for you.

🌸 Do you feel like your life is a hot mess and you need a break from the chaos? Let's figure out some simple self-care practices that don't involve spending your entire paycheck on fancy candles or a spa day.

✨ Feeling stuck in your career or personal life? Let's talk about what you really want and create a plan to get you there. We'll leave the pretentious BS at the door and focus on real, actionable steps.

🌸 Ready to ditch the diet mentality and find a way of eating that actually makes you happy? I've got you covered. We'll create a healthy and sustainable way of eating that actually works for your body and your lifestyle. Say goodbye to feeling hangry all the time.

✨ Struggling with setting boundaries? Let's talk about how to define your limits and communicate them effectively. From telling your boss you legit don't have time for that extra project, or "no" to your mom's third cousin's wedding, we'll come up with strategies that work for you.

🌸 And if you're feeling overwhelmed and like there's not enough time in the day, let's work together to create a schedule that doesn't make you want to scream. We'll find a way to balance work, play, and self-care without feeling like you're drowning.

✨ Oh, and let's not forget the best part: we'll have a blast while we're doing it. From creating custom playlists to sending hilarious workout memes, I'll make sure you're having fun and feeling motivated every step of the way.

So, are you ready to kick some ass and take control of your life? Let's do this!

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Ways to work together 🌞💪💞🥑

Private 1:1 coaching

You & me, working together to get you feeling confident & vibrant AF & go from a pushover to "F**K YEAH, I'M GONNA ASK FOR THAT PAYRISE!" (& feel bloody fabulous in your body too!)

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The Happy Stew Collective

Go from pushover, who over-explains EVERYTHING - "umm would you mind doing X job, please? Just when you get a sec, that would be great. No rush though! Just whenever you have time!" *even though you've asked a gazillion times already*, to a bold, direct, confident & calm leader!

Online course + weekly group coaching calls on Zoom.

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CV writing for all yacht crew AND for land-based roles! Let's find you that DREAM job!

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Listen to my weekly podcast on Spotify where I chat about all things yachting, business, healthy living and more!

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I can honestly hand on heart say I feel the happiest and most confident I've felt in years. It's pure magic.



Thank you for supporting me and giving me the confidence to set boundaries and stand up to bad behaviour.

I've achieved 5 massive things I remember wanting to do, but not believing it was possible, which were: have more confidence in myself and my abilities, show my true self to others instead of feeling judged, have the confidence to converse with strangers, the courage to handle confrontation and put myself first.


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