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I'm Georgia

I help superyacht crew overcome self doubt, reclaim their health & become courageously confident by creating powerful, liberating habits around health, mindset & boundaries.

Certified Health, Life & Transformation Coach.
Yoga teacher, ex Superyacht Chief Stewardess & Harry Potter nerd.


Do you feel like comparison, self doubt & fear of failure hold you back from living your best life? 

Maybe you set unrealistic goals & put impossibly high expectations on yourself & end up feeling disappointed or overwhelmed??? Or do you find it hard to tell people no? Or maintain healthy habits onboard, which leaves you feeling frustrated, inconsistent & unmotivated.

Girl... I feel ya! That was me too. But don't worry, I've got you!

I'm a certified Health, Life & Transformation Coach whose mission it is to empower & lead your on your journey to becoming courageously confident ... you'll do this by transforming your habits around mindset, health & boundaries. 

People talk about becoming 'THAT GIRL', but I'm here to show you that THAT GIRL is actually the healthiest, happiest, most confident version of YOU.

I provide offer private 1:1 coaching + the Fierce & Energised programme to help you close the gap between where you are now & where you want to be... get rid of that 'stuck' feeling.

Forget the failed diets onboard, overwhelm with a gazillion things to do & feeling not good, THAT'S NOT THE VIBE.

The new vibe is walking into a room & RADIATING true confidence & health, but this time we'll make it simple, sustainable & empowering AF. You  You don't need a new month, a new week, a new day to start your health and confidence journey. You get to start today. 

"Hey Georgia, I want to know about..."

Private 1:1 coaching is a total support experience for women who are serious about transforming their health & confidence and are ready for fierce accountability & mentorship to step into the most vibrant, confident version of themselves.
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A transformative online hybrid programme to create full body & mind confidence. Develop healthy, liberating habits around mindset, boundaries, food & exercise. Access to an online training portal with video trainings, workbooks & resources PLUS a monthly group coaching call for personalised support.
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Join the FREE 7-day Glow Up Challenge. Each day you'll get an action plan, designed to lead you to a more powerful, energised & balanced version of you. It can be done onboard too!

Client testimonials

I've achieved 5 massive things which I remember wanting to be able to do, but not actually believing that I'd be able to do them, especially not in this time frame. If anything, I thought it would have taken years.  I'm feeling incredibly good about myself today. Thank you!


I wanted to thank you for helping me build my confidence up to where I needed it to be today. The changes I've made with your help are immeasurable when you compare how I was before our coaching sessions. You're truly a miracle worker!


After my first session with Georgia I felt something shift and I couldn't wait for the next one! It wasn't long before I really began to believe that my dreams were achievable. Something in me changed and I really believed in myself! I've since left an 11 year career in banking and I am living my dream.


I pinch myself every single day. I was not a risk taker in the slightest!


I just love everything Georgia does. One of the best decisions I made in 2021 was signing up to work with her. It's been completely transformative in my life & business!


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