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Private 1:1 Coaching 💪💞


Ready to feel confident & vibrant AF & go from pushover to "F**K YEAH, I'M GONNA ASK FOR THAT PAYRISE!"🌈🌞

Does this sound like you?

🌱 You find it hard to maintain healthy habits & every morning you think “I’m gonna get up at 6am and workout” … but never do, then you feel guilty af and like a failure, because WHY CAN’T I GET UP! I’M SO UNMOTIVATED! OMG!!

🤚 You know you deserve a payrise/ promotion, but you're shitting it at the thought of even mentioning it! *cos omg the HORROR if they say no*. So you end up either umming and ahhing your way through the convo, or worse - don't even ask at all!

💞 You nearly wet your pants when the captain says “can I have a word with you later in my office?” and start thinking of all the things you could possibly have done wrong & let it spoil your morning.

Yep, that's me

If you answered yes, you're in the right place! 🌈🌞🥑


Private 1:1 coaching is a high-level, total support experience. You & me, on the phone every other week for coaching calls, where we'll figure out the things that are holding you back from thinking "I AM SO BLOODY AWESOME, I CAN LEGIT DO ANYTHING I WANT, DON'T TAKE SHIT FROM ANYONE & I FEEL BLOODY FABULOUS".

We'll uncover the things holding you back and keeping you stuck in self-doubt & ALWAYS worrying about what people think... and figure out how you can work through them, to get you feeling SUPER confident in yourself and your abilities.

You'll stop being a massive pushover who says yes to everything and will start putting YOU first and doing the things you actually want to do and say the things you want to say. Whether that's finding the confidence & clarity to start that awesome business idea you're always talking about, or being able to stand up to that dickhead engineer who rolls his eyes every time you speak, (which currently makes you die a little bit inside).

You'll learn to go from having sweaty palms & nearly peeing your pants at the thought of confrontation, to being able to calmly deal with it and not let it ruin your day. You'll go from living in the snack cupboard and beating yourself up over that handful of haribos, to creating super easy healthy habits that actually stick, that make you think "omg, I can't believe it's this easy!!" - because we'll break it down and make it super simple and doable, so you actually LOVE it, rather than health feeling like a chore.


Basically, you'll be able to BOUNCE out of bed in the morning, feeling fresh, calm, with heaps of energy (without needing a gazillion coffees!) & legit be thinking "HELL YEAH, I'M ON FIRE AT THE MO!"

I want this!

How it works 💪💞


Every other week we'll have a 50-60 minute coaching phone call that's fully 100% tailored to you & your personal health, self-confidence & yachting goals. Basically, whatever you need or is going on in your life that you want to chat about & work on, that's what we'll chat about. Each session works to maximise your growth & results by transforming your habits & mindset around health/ self-belief. 

Health & confidence is a LIFESTYLE, so we'll look to see how your current lifestyle is affecting you.

This could be...

☀️ How to change the way you think and talk about yourself, go from "uhh, I feel so gross & my skort is so tight" to "I feel bloody fabulous & I LOVE being able to listen to my body!"

☀️ Restoring balance in your life & stop working on the laptop until 1am (Chief Stews I'm looking at you!) and get it in your head that shit can wait until tomorrow! 

☀️ Stop giving your time & energy to stuff you don't want to do, stop letting creepy huggers hug you, cos you can't say no (we'll change that!)

☀️ How to create super easy healthy eating habits, to feel AMAZING in your body, have loads more energy - without giving up chocolate or wine (I lost over 10kg doing this, with no diets!!)

☀️ Find exercise you absolutely LOVE, that you can stick to consistently - and no, it doesn't have to be an hour in the gym 7 days a week!!

☀️ Create daily mini routines to start looking after you, rather than always looking after everyone else first & thinking "shit, I've got NO TIME for me!"

☀️ Any body issues you're having, we'll try to find out WHY and get it sorted. (I've helped one client clear her acne which she had for 10 years, AND helped another client find the true cause of sciatica in her hip which was stopping her from exercising!)

☀️ IMPLEMENT what you learn & make it suit YOUR lifestyle, rather than always being in stop/ start mode & feeling frustrated, inconsistent & drained.

☀️ Or discuss personal life obstacles - relationship, crew drama etc!

When creating a healthy, confident & vibrant lifestyle, it ALL matters.

During our time together, you'll have heaps of powerful breakthroughs, plus fast & exciting growth.

Count me in!

Client love & testimonials 💞

I can honestly hand on heart say I feel the happiest and most confident I've felt in years! It's pure magic!

- Gemma, Ex Chief Stew & Biz Owner, Private 1-1 Client

I've achieved 5 massive things I remember wanting to do, but not believing it was possible, which were: have more confidence in myself and my abilities, show my true self to others instead of feeling judged, have the confidence to converse with strangers, the courage to handle confrontation and put myself first.

- Lynsay, Chief Stew, Private 1-1 Client

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⚡ Who it's for...

The woman who is ready to create a liberating, sustainable healthy lifestyle & transform her life.

🤚 Who it's NOT for...

Someone who wants shortcuts and isn't prepared to do the work.


3 Months


  • Biweekly phone calls with Georgia. (6 total)
  • Initial 90-minute get to know each other call
  • Whatsapp support for further support in between calls.
  • Biweekly action plans.
  • Monthly payment plans available.
I'm in!

6 Months


  • Biweekly 60 minute phone calls with Georgia. (12 total)
  • Initial 90-minute get to know each other call.
  • Whatsapp support for further support in between calls.
  • Biweekly action plans.
  • Monthly payment plans available. 
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