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Tell me why you're AWESOME...

What would you say?

"umm, that's hard. I'm not sure, let me think."

"Uhh, I guess I'm quite good at X"

"I think I'm a nice person?!"

This is a question I always ask yacht crew when I write their CVs. EVERYONE initially answers with one of those.

That needs to change.

Not just on your CV, but in your LIFE.

How would you feel if you could confidently answer with:


If you're here, the Happy Stewardess Collective is the coaching membership for you!!

Yes! I want to join!

Imagine this...

You're onboard and want to ask for that pay rise you DESERVE, but you're sitting in your cabin totally shitting yourself about even bringing it up, in case your HOD says no *cos omg the embarrassment*, but you eventually pluck up the courage to ask, but more like “umm sorry, yeah if you don’t mind, just a little bit extra would be nice, only if that's ok, um sorry”, or even worse - NOT asking at all!!!

How would you feel if instead, you could walk in CONFIDENTLY and say "HEY, this is what I want and these are my reasons why" – without totally shitting yourself & feeling like you don't deserve it?  



And you know it. But instead, here’s what you might feel like now:

  • A pushover, who wants to keep everyone happy and cannot say NO. 
  • Who over-explains EVERYTHING - "umm would you mind doing X job, please? Just when you get a sec, that would be great. No rush though! Just whenever you have time!" *even though you've asked a gazillion times already!*
  • Like you shrink & die a little inside when guests are shitty to you, contractors totally ignore you because you're a woman, or when idiots in your team roll their eyes at you in the morning meeting.
  • You nearly wet your pants when the captain says “can I have a word with you later in my office?”.
  • Every morning you think “I’m gonna get up at 6am and workout” … but never do, then you feel guilty af and like a failure, because WHY CAN’T I GET UP! I’M SO UNMOTIVATED! OMG!!

But you're smart. You work super hard, care deeply about people, and know you're a brilliant crew member.


But you want more than that. You want to:


  • Become a powerful, bold and KIND leader, who takes no shit.
  • Bounce out of bed in the mornings feeling calm, vibrant and ON FIRE. Like you can tackle anything the day throws at you (rude engineers, eye rolls -or whatever else that usually throws you out of whack for the day and totally shakes your confidence.)
  • Confidently deal with situations, like having hard conversations (that suck) with team members, and standing up to bully crew members, without fearing what they'll say about you behind your back.
  • Say the things you actually want to say and ask for the things you want to ask for (like that promotion/ pay rise or the boat to pay for those courses, that you're currently putting off asking for)!
  • Put YOU first! Whether that’s leaving a shitty boat without feeling "omg what if I don't get another job?", and feeling like you HAVE to stay, cos “it’ll look bad on your CV otherwise”, because that’s what your manipulative Captain told you!
  • Do the things you actually want to do, without feeling guilty over it or like you SHOULD be doing something else.
  • Start that business you always talk about with your BFF!! But never do anything with, cos you’re shit scared of the thought of getting on Instagram saying “HEY, I’M AN ENTREPRENEUR AND THIS IS MY THING”, in case people laugh or your family think “wtf is she doing!"
  • Create healthy habits that actually stick while you're onboard (and at home!) - ones that are SUPER easy and doable, where you don’t need to avoid the snack cupboard forever or feel guilty over that handful of Haribos. 


Yes yes YES! I want to join!

The INCREDIBLE membership for Interior Yacht Crew to get you feeling super happy again, reclaim that piece of your soul that you feel like you’ve lost and turn you into a powerful, take-no-shit kinda gal, who puts herself first, does the things she wants to do and is an unbelievable leader, not just at work, but also in her LIFE.

What’s included?


1. Live weekly Coaching Calls with me on Zoom:

Weekly coaching calls on Zoom, amongst a wonderful and supportive community of Stews, who know exactly how you feel, cos let's be honest, everyone goes through a lot of the same shit in yachting! It's the support network to get you feeling INCREDIBLE again.

2. Every training, every guide and resource I’ve ever created!

– on all things health, wellness, fitness, confidence and MORE, which you can access any time and come back to again and again.


  • Module 1:  How to create super simple healthy habits that stick.

You know how it feels to start a new health routine all guns blazing, only for that packet of Oreos and Dairy Milk to be staring at you all day, so you end up munching the whole snack cupboard, then thinkin "FFS, back to square one! ". Finally kick those bad habits to the curb and create ones that actually stick! That means more energy, more focus, and more overall awesomeness. Say goodbye to the days of falling off the wagon and hello to feeling like a rockstar, one habit at a time!"


  • Module 2: Become a Morning Routine Queen 

Tired of feeling like a hot mess every morning? Hitting the snooze button a million times and feeling frazzled because people keep trying to talk to you before your coffee. Well, it's time to put an end to the chaos and become a Morning Routine Queen! With a simple, effective routine, you'll start your day feeling focused, calm, and ready to deal with whatever the boat throws at way.


  • Module 3: Steps to create unshakeable self-belief

Ever find yourself scrolling through social media, comparing yourself to those models or 20-year-old millionaires and feeling like you should have achieved that? Or maybe you're constantly questioning your own abilities and feeling like a fraud, even though you're totally killing it? Let's kick those "uhh I suck at this" thoughts to the curb and create some "fuck yeah I've got this!" self-belief instead! 


  • Module 4: How to set bold AF boundaries 

Tired of people walking all over you, speaking over you and not respecting your time and space? It's time to set some boundaries, girlfriend! No, not those white picket fences kind of boundaries, but the kind that establish healthy relationships, communication, and balance in your life. We live in a very masculine society, and as women, and it can be so hard to get a word in, without someone rolling their eyes at you and not taking you seriously - especially in yachting! In this module, learn to deal with the eye rolls, navigate difficult conversations, and build healthy relationships, aka stop taking shit.


  • Module 5: How to conflict & chill

You've no doubt had to put up with an idiot colleague who just won't take a hint, a boss who expects you to be available 24/7, or other people who think they can walk all over you. It can be frustrating af, but conflict is just a fact of life. This module will help handle conflict with confidence, clarity, and even a little compassion (when necessary). Say goodbye to feeling like a doormat and hello to building stronger relationships, increasing your influence, and getting more of what you want in your career and life. It's time to start kicking some workplace butt!


  • Module 6: Food and Nutrition

Tired of feeling like you need a degree in nutrition just to make healthy food choices? Same, girl. With all the conflicting info out there, it's enough to make your head spin. Don't stress, I break down the basics of mindful and intuitive eating, so you can stop stressing about what to eat and start enjoying your food, INCLUDING the chocolate and wine - without the guilt! Plus, I'll teach you how to read those pesky food labels (seriously, what even is maltodextrin?), and give you some delicious smoothie bowl recipes to try. You'll be able to fuel your body with the right foods, WITHOUT giving up your fave snacks, crush your workouts, and feel like the badass queen you are!


  • Module 7: Get gutsy: gut health

Did you know that your gut is the MVP of your body? It does so much more than just digest food! Over 70% of your happy hormone is made in your gut! How wild is that? But let's be real, with all the stress and junk food we put in our bodies, our gut can sometimes feel like it's on the struggle bus. This module will give you the lowdown on gut health and how it impacts everything from your immune system to your mood. I'll even give you some tips on how to improve your digestion, reduce inflammation, and support your overall health. Say goodbye to bloating and hello to feeling like a badass boss!


  • Module 8: Find the PERFECT exercise for you

Got a love-hate relationship with exercise? Does the thought of going to the gym make you want to curl up in a ball and cry? Don't worry, girl, I've got you covered! This module is all about finding movement that makes you feel amazing, without the dread and guilt. And yes, you can totally work with your menstrual cycle to optimise your workouts. It's time to make exercise a fun and sustainable part of your life, without sacrificing your sanity.



  • Module 9: Guided meditations to get you feeling calm and energised!
  • Module 10: Yoga flows you can do in your cabin!
  • Bonus Resources (yachting & more!)
I'm in!
Yes yes YES!! I want this!


  • You'll be taken to a thank you page and I will send you an email within 24 hours with all the details on how to log in to the programme portal and get going! (The programme portal is where all of the details for coaching calls & training are!)

  •  Join the private Whatsapp group!

  • Enjoy the programme for as long as you want to through a monthly subscription!

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