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Private 1:1
Health Coaching

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Does this sound like you?

You find it hard to maintain healthy habits,  & even when you know what you should be doing with food & exercise, you aren't always doing it.

You feel like you HAVE to diet & smash yourself in the gym in order to reach your health goals & it leaves you inconsistent, frustrated & unmotivated.

You compare yourself to the girls onboard & when you look at photos of yourself you think negative thoughts,
You feel overwhelmed & like you have no time for you. You want to start looking after YOU, but find it so hard onboard.

1:1 private health coaching is an intimate, powerful container for women in yachting who are serious about becoming the happiest, healthiest, most glowing version of themselves through liberating LIFESTYLE changes that are actually sustainable.

If you're fed up of feeling like you doubt yourself, struggle with food & exercise & feel like health is a chore, get ready to transform your habits around health & create a healthy LIFESTYLE that works for you.

If you answered yes, you're in the right place!

Private 1:1 coaching is a high level, total support experience. Together we'll make health simple & exciting by creating powerful habits around food, exercise & self confidence. Health is a lifestyle, NOT a diet, so we'll look at 12 KEY lifestyle areas which MASSIVELY contribute to your health, including relationships, career, food, exercise, spirituality & MORE.

If you stay stuck with your health, you'll end up feeling burnt out, inconsistent & unmotivated.

You get to redefine what health looks like on YOU. It doesn't mean a 6 pack & a perky butt. It's radiating confidence as you walk into a room & feeling like the happiest, healthiest, most confident version of you, both inside & out.

The transformation process...

Every other week we'll have a 50-60 minute phone call for deep dive sessions that are fully 100% tailored to you & your personal health goals. Each session works to maximise your growth & results by transforming your habits & mindset around health.


Health is a LIFESTYLE, so we'll look to see how your current lifestyle is effecting your health.

This could be...

☀️ How to look after YOUR body using food & intuitive eating. (I lost over 10kg doing this, no diets!!)

☀️ Setting you up for success with exercise & tuning into your menstrual cycle.

☀️ Creating powerful morning & evening routines that make you feel FABULOUS (which you can still do on guest trips!)

☀️ How to practice self care onboard & rather than feeling overwhelmed, exhausted & fed up.

☀️ Looking for the ROOT cause of bodily issues. I've helped one client clear her acne which she had for 10 years, (scroll down for photos) AND helped another client find the root cause of sciatica in her hip (inflammation caused by alcohol!)

☀️ Setting firm boundaries around where your time & energy go, plus learn to confidently ask for what you want, speak up for yourself,  say no & STOP trying to please everyone. 

☀️ IMPLEMENT what you learn & make it suit YOUR lifestyle by developing healthy habits & routines that you can actually stick to (rather than setting unachievable goals & getting frustrated when you don't stick to them!)

☀️ Or discussing personal life obstacles.

When creating a healthy, vibrant lifestyle, it ALL matters.

Together we'll work to uncover the blocks which are keeping you stuck & find ways for you to confidently move past them. If you stay stuck, you're on a one way ticket to burnout, unhappiness & resentment.


 During our time together, you'll have heaps of powerful breakthroughs, plus fast & exciting growth.

Client testimonials

It's been such an honour working with you. You helped me get in touch with my truest desires by listening to myself, my intuition and honouring myself. You helped my confidence grow and this has been such a game changer for my life and business.

I'm now in a place where I feel confident taking actions and making decisions from a place of love and trust. I'm forever grateful for you and your work!


I wanted to thank you for helping me build my confidence up to where I needed it to be today. The changes I've made with your help are immeasurable when you compare how I was before our coaching sessions. You're truly a miracle worker!


After my first session with Georgia I felt something shift and I couldn't wait for the next one! It wasn't long before I really began to believe that my dreams were achievable. Something in me changed and I really believed in myself! I've since left an 11 year career in banking and I am living my dream.


I pinch myself every single day. I was not a risk taker in the slightest!


I just love everything Georgia does. One of the best decisions I made in 2021 was signing up to work with her. It's been completely transformative in my life & business!


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Who it's for

The woman who is ready to create powerful healthy habits & liberating, sustainable lifestyle changes.
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Who it's not for

Someone who wants shortcuts & isn't prepared to do the work.
3 months
Biweekly calls with Georgia. (6 total)

Whatsapp support for further support in between calls.

Biweekly action plans & homework.
3 & 6 month Payment plans available
Best value!
6 months
Biweekly calls with Georgia (12 total)

Whatsapp support for further support in between calls.

Biweekly action plans & homework.
3 & 6 month Payment plans available

Got questions?

Who is this for?

This is for the ambitious woman who is fed up of doubting herself, holding herself back & feeling like she can't stand up for herself. Who knows she's meant  for more but doesn't know where to start. Who is ready to step into total confidence & make this the best year ever.

I want a bit of both confidence AND health coaching. What do I do?

Sounds great, we can do a mix!!! Both programmes are 100% tailored to you so this is no problem.

The difference between both programmes is the first 2 sessions are different...

Health coaching starts with a health history session & looking at how your lifestyle & habits could be effecting your health.

Confidence coaching starts with identifying why you don't feel confident in the first place & finding the subconscious blocks in your mind which are keeping you stuck in self doubt.

After this, we can tailor is however you want.


If you MAINLY want to focus on developing liberating, sustainable healthy habits to feel vibrant & glowing both inside & out, I'd recommend Health Coaching.

If you MAINLY want to focus in building your inner self confidence & overcoming self doubt, I'd recommend Confidence Coaching.


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