Guided Meditations

Meditation has a gazillion amazing benefits... you feel sooo calm after it, but it also reduces stress + negative emotions, helps you become more self aware + creative and helps you focus on being present.

Sit somewhere comfy & click on a meditation to play.

If you're new to meditation, welcome! I hope you love it! Guided meditations are so great as you'll be guided through the whole thing. Don't worry if you lose concentration, or if thoughts come in. That happens to everyone (even people who have practiced for years & years!) But if you do lose concentration, just bring yourself back to a clear mind.

Meditation is the space in between your thoughts. The more you practice, the longer the space gets. Click the play button below and sit back to relax. Love, Georgia.

Meditation Library

More Self Confidence
00:00 / 10:13
Love YOU more
00:00 / 10:33
Manifest Your Dream Life
00:00 / 09:11
Mindful Listening
00:00 / 09:25
5 Minute Calm, Clarity, Confidence
00:00 / 05:11
Stress Relief
00:00 / 10:53