9 Tips to LOVE your mornings & become an early bird 🕊️

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

When it comes to making changes in your life, there are two types of people;

1. Those who go all in, the ones who implement ALL the things at the same time, who go cold turkey with sugar, or whatever the case is.

2. Those who start small, who implement things one by one into their routine, slowly building it up.

Neither way is wrong, in fact, both are perfect for different people. It’s figuring out what works best for you.

I am the former. I do all the things at once. And this applied to morning routines too. Morning routines used to be SO alien to me. I was working on a superyacht, so I lived at work and my daily commute was an entire 30 seconds (sounds like a dream commute, right?). I was the person who rolled out of bed 15 minutes before work, had a quick glass of water & was half asleep in my morning meeting. Who can relate? (I started drinking coffee at 24!)

In the evenings I stayed up late and binge watched the latest TV shows (no regrets about binge watching Game of Thrones! I was 4 years late to that party!) but I then wondered why I felt so slow in the mornings and honestly, I hated that feeling. Something needed to change.


That something was going to bed earlier. I initially tried going to bed at the same time and then get up at 6am, but this did NOT work. Snooze, snooze, snoooooze. Instead, I went to bed 10 minutes earlier and got up 10 minutes earlier. Then after a week, I went to bed 20 minutes earlier and got up 20 minutes earlier and so on. And guess what? It worked. Small steps, rather than one big jump. My dreams of becoming a morning person (which I NEVER thought would happen) were coming true! 🥳

I was eventually waking up at 5.30am and starting work at 8am. The time I had before work became sacred. Pure bliss. Nobody else was around, I could do all of the things I wanted to do and I LOVED it. It was only 2 and a half hours, but it honestly felt like 12. And it still does. I finally had time to actually implement all of the things I had learned about and wanted to fit into my day, but never had time before (my own excuse). Things like meditation, gratitude journaling and yoga. I told you - I’m the type of person who does all the things in one go.

I also went cold turkey on coffee, because NOBODY needs 6 coffees a day (especially vanilla flavour cappuccinos, full fat milk with a gazillion sweeteners… I can see you rolling your eyes!) So that was the end of my one year love affair with coffee. I replaced coffee with green or mint tea instead which I love.

And then I made a new discovery shortly after. Warm water with apple cider vinegar, freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey, drunk through a bamboo straw so the vinegar doesn’t ruin your teeth. (Also the apple cider vinegar has to have ‘Mother’, which is a weird floaty enzyme with lots of benefits). I actually really like it. I feel like it makes my skin glow, makes me less hungry and makes my tummy feel super happy. (Lots of other information online, but these were the benefits I personally had.)

Morning routines are super flexible, they’re not meant to be set in stone and they don’t need to stay the same every day, week or month. You can change things up depending how you’re feeling and what your life currently looks like. But find something that works for you, at this time, which makes you feel good. Honestly, if you can start your morning off well, the rest of your day generally follows.

Here are 9 ideas for you to try:

🧘🏽‍♀️ Meditation

There’e lots of ways to meditate and it’s finding something you enjoy. You can sit and count your breathing (count to 10 breaths, then start again). Every time you lose focus, just start your count at one again.

I personally love the app ‘Calm’. There is a free version and a paid version. I have the paid version which I absolutely love. There's a ‘daily calm’ meditation which is 10 minutes and changes every day and I also recommend the body scan meditations, (my favourite!). Lots of other apps out there and plenty on youtube as well.

✍️ Journaling.

Write down 3-5 things which you're grateful for. They don’t need to be huge things, it can be something as simple as ‘grateful for a good night sleep’ or ‘grateful for my lungs for allowing me to breathe’. But try and pick different things each day and you’ll be amazed at the amount of things you’re grateful for.

You can also write;

‣ Why today is going to be a good day

‣ What you want to achieve today

‣ Whatever is on your mind that morning

🕊 Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to speak to the Universe and attract the things you desire. They are statements that you can speak out loud or write down, for example;

‣ I am happy & each day brings new joys to my life.

‣ I choose to nourish my body.

‣ I attract financial abundance with all that I do.

Whatever it is you want, repeat it to yourself and it programmes into your mind what you're looking to attract. You can either say affirmations in present time, as if you already have these things, or you can say them as if they are on their way to you.

For example, ‘My body is getting healthier every day’. Pick something that works for you.

Writing them on sticky notes is fab as you can put them on mirrors, fridges, somewhere you’ll see them for a reminder.

👅 Tongue scraping

Exactly what it says. Our mouths are full of bacteria as we know, which is essential, but it builds up in your mouth over-night, then if you eat/ drink BEFORE you scrape your tongue, you’re swallowing all of the overnight bacteria build up.

First thing to do when you wake up is gently scrape the bacteria off of your tongue. You can either use a proper tongue scraper, or you can use a spoon held upside down. You want to do 8-10 gentle scrapes (definitely shouldn’t be cutting your tongue!) and then rinse your mouth with water after. Then voila, your mouth is ready to eat & drink.

💧Drink a big glass of water

We all know water is good for us, but it’s something which can so easily be forgotten, then you get to the end of the day and think 'omg i've not had a drink today'. Make it one of the first things you do when you wake up; hydrate for the start of your day.

I personally found I wasn’t drinking enough, so I bought a big 3L bottle with measurements on it and also times of the day, so I could keep an eye on exactly how much I had drunk.

👣 Stretching or yoga

How good does stretching your body feel! I've written stretching, rather than just yoga, as you don’t need to give it a name. You can just reach down to your toes, do some up-dogs, swing your arms around; move your body however you like, just get it moving in the morning.

Even 2-3 minutes of stretching can do wonders, or if you prefer, you could do a short yoga flow (5 rounds of Sun Salutation A is a great idea for the mornings!) and it only takes 5-10 minutes.

🫖 Have a cup of herbal tea instead of coffee

There are so many benefits to herbal teas, why not try something new?

🌿 Green tea; full of antioxidants & may improve brain function

🌱 Peppermint; improves digestion & boosts the immune system

🌙 Chamomile; reduces anxiety & full of antioxidants (really good before bed also!)

🔥 Fresh ginger (cut slices of fresh ginger & let sit in hot water for 15 minutes); relieves nausea & reduces inflammation.

🧡 Apple cider vinegar, lemon & honey mixed in warm water

🥄1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar; aids weight loss & helps bloating

🍋 Juice from ½ a Lemon or cut some slices of lemon instead; source of vitamin C, aids digestion

🍯 2 tbsp Honey; improves digestion & helps with sore throats/ coughs.

The miracle mixture 

🥤 Don't forget to use a bamboo or metal straw to avoid ruining your tooth enamel.

🙌 Get ready slowly, no rushing!

Having a morning routine & giving yourself that extra time means you aren’t in a rush. It gives you time for YOU, which we all need. Our days can be so hectic, it’s more important than ever to ensure we have sufficient quiet time, where we can relax. And why not let that be in the morning?

You don’t have to get up at 6am, but figure out what works well for you. Even an extra 10 minutes in the morning can make a huge different to your day. Start your day off in a calm, peaceful manner & you'll be feeling amazing in no time.

You might be rolling your eyes thinking ‘I will NEVER be a morning person’... 🙄 I said that!!!


I was the least most likely person to enjoy mornings before, but now I love them. I pretty much spring out of bed every day and am wide awake, even before I’ve had my morning drinks. (I'm THAT person.) 🤣

I’d also just like to mention the number one essential item that has turned me into a morning person… a sun lamp! They are AMAZING!! Honestly, it has changed the way I wake up. I bang on about it all the time, but it is the most relaxing start to the morning.

Instead of a horrendous alarm sound, I wake up to a sunrise coming from my lamp and by the time the soothing sound goes off, I’m already awake from the light. It's my ‘go-to’ gift for friends these days and everyone I’ve bought one for has loved it. Even my 26 year old brother!

Why not try implementing one of the 9 tools I mentioned for a week and see how you get on. See what you enjoy and what you don’t. Create a morning routine that makes YOU feel good and don’t worry if this changes from time to time.

Do you already have a morning routine? If so, what does it look like?

Or if not, which one of these are you going to try? Let me know over on Instagram.

Love Georgia xxx

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