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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Can we just talk about toxic relationships & energy vampires? 🧛

We all know those people and i'm sure you have at least one of more somewhere in your life. It might be a family member, or a friend, who all they do is moan and bring down the vibe of the room.

You know the times when you spend 10 minutes with someone and feel like your soul has being sucked out. (Where's the Harry Potter fans at? You know the dementors...)


You go in with good, positive energy and leave your time together feeling down, like you've just absorbed all the bad vibes and bad energy from the room. Well guess what... you have.

We literally absorb the vibrations around us.

Then there's the times when you enter a room and you feel SO LIT UP. Like your heart is about to explode. You feel so inspired, have all of the energy and just want to spread the good vibes to every single person you see for the rest of the day.

I had this over the weekend. I was taking part in an online masterclass and the vibe of the class was NEXT LEVEL. So insane. My brain was buzzing the whole time and I felt so frickin inspired coming out of it. I had 10,000 new ideas, knew EXACTLY what I needed to do and I just wanted to spread my positive energy to everyone.

It carried through to the next morning when I woke up at 7am on the Sunday. I did my usual meditation and thought I'M GOING TO CREATE TODAY.

And out of no where, came the idea for my Higher Self quiz . I'd been wanting to make a quiz for ages because I love doing them myself. You know the ones, who would my Disney husband be? Which Game of Thrones house would I be in? Which tropical animal would I be? You get my drift.

But I just hadn't had that pang of inspiration quite yet. But 7am Sunday morning... BOOM. There it was. In bed, I picked up my laptop and began to type. 10am came and went. Midday came and went. (I even missed brunch day! The commitment!) And every hour, I was literally saying out loud YESSS NEARLY THERE, THIS IS EPIC! 🥳 🥳 🥳

My boyfriend who was watching TV next to me responded every time 'you said that an hour ago. Are you going to get out of bed yet?' 😂 But I carried on typing.

4.30pm came and I was finaaaally done! Oh my gosh I was SO happy I couldn't wait to tell everyone about it! (Btw have you done the Higher Self quiz yet, because you totally should.) 😉 It's not only fun, but super informative and valuable, accurate and just all around an amazing quiz.

ANYWAY, I had THE best time making it. I eventually got out of bed at 5.30pm, once I'd done all the promo for it as well.

So that is what happened to me, all because I spent 2 hours of my Saturday being in a group of high-vibing, epic women. I got one of my best ideas yet, all because I was feeling sooo inspired from the day before.

Now to bring the topic down a notch. Back to energy vampires. I love this phrase because it's so bang on. Like vampires such your blood, energy vampires suck out your energy.

You know the phrase 'healthy relationships'? Well, THESE ARE NOT THEM

When you spend time with people, you should feel...

🚀 Inspired

💡 Lit up

❤️ With a happy heart.

Don't you agree? Ain't nobody got time for low-vibe hangouts. And i'm not talking about if your bff is having a bad day and wants a little moan, because we all have those days.

I'm talking about the people who are ALWAYS like this. They live in that bubble of low vibes, moaning about everything, grumping about something that happened today, slagging people off and go around popping everyone else's happy bubbles.

The people you let into your life should contribute to your good energy, not infuse you with their negative energy. ☠️

Relationships are SO crucial for good health.

You may initially associate health with diet and exercise. But it's sooooo much more than that. And amongst the gazillion other things is relationships.

Romantic relationships, friendships, family or colleagues. All relationships.

You know when you have a fight or an argument with someone, you feel so shitty after, you can feel physically sick, get a lump in your throat or give yourself a headache. 😢

What other feelings have you felt before? Any other physical symptoms you can think of off the top of your head? I'm sure if you sat down and thought about it you could think of at least 10.

These are just some of the ways relationships effect health, but imagine the long term effects of poor relationships. NO THANKS!


So take some time today to assess who you're giving your energy to. Are they deserving of it and appreciate it? You give so much to others in terms of energy, but what are you actually getting back?

Is there someone, (or multiple people) who you maybe need to cut ties with, or at least put some boundaries in place with them?

Setting boundaries can be tough. Especially if it's someone close to you or a loved one who is the toxic person.

But I can't explain to you how crucial it is to do this for the sake of your health. I'm not saying you need to cut ties completely, but put boundaries in place to protect yourself.

When thinking of exactly HOW to set boundaries, think of...

  1. What you value (people, certain feelings, actions?)

  2. What you need in your life to make you feel good?

  3. How you will get this? (What do you need to do?)

Put these together and voila! You have a roadmap to setting your boundaries to protect your energy.

Here are some tips for the actual boundary setting itself and those heavy conversations...

✅ Be super clear with your intentions and what you want

✅ Be firm and stand your ground. If you notice yourself backing down, take a breathe and stand tall!

✅ Don't be too nice or people will walk all over you and take advantage of your good heart

✅ Remember that you aren't responsible for solving their problems

✅ Practice saying NO - and realise it's okay to say no!

As I mentioned, it can be tough setting boundaries initially, but remember to do what is right for you. Realise that your health and wellness is priority.

If that means spending less time or cutting ties with certain people, then so be it. YOU are number one. You've got this.

Love Georgia xxx

P.s. come & say hey on Instagram and check out my transformational coaching programmes xxx

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