Starting your biz 🤩

Some things to think about, whether you've got your initial business idea or have already started working on it.

Grab a pen & paper, you'll probably want to take notes...

Step 1: If you're looking for your biz idea, ask yourself these questions...

  • What would your DREAM day at work look like? I.e. If you want freedom to travel, you probably don't want to be tied to a certain location packing boxes all day? Think about your dream day, start to finish and see what you come up with.

  • What are your interests and hobbies? What could you talk about alllll day? Could you do something here?

  • What do you want to be known for?

  • What kind of person would you love to serve/ help? Why? Who DON'T you want to work with?

  • Do you want to sell a product or a service?

  • Who do you really admire? What do they do?

  • What are your values in life? (Freedom, health, creativity, relationships, humour etc that sort of thing!) how would this tie into your idea?

  • What would be the vibe of your brand? What is YOUR vibe? (E.g. bright and fun, serious, sexy, boho, feminine, loud and brash, kind and friendly etc)

Step 2: So you've got your initial business idea, yay! Next comes the hard part, building not just a business, but a BRAND.

Think about it. Why did you join the Tea Party? Why do you buy from particular brands and not others? Because you LIKE them. You like their message. You like what they stand for. You like their vibe, right?

That's what you want to do with your business. Let's talk it through, cos I had nooo idea about any of this when I started my first business. Grab a pen and paper!

Step 3: What are you selling and who would buy it?​

Don't just say "women" or "entrepreneurs", or whatever it is, that's sooo broad. What kind of person are they? What are their interests? How do you want them to feel when they buy it? Also think about:

  • WHY would they buy it?

  • Are you solving a problem for them, or helping them reach a goal? If so, what is it? (Be specific)

  • Or if neither of those, why would they WANT it? What's the appeal? (Think about certain things you buy, why do you buy that particular item/ service?) 

  • What do YOU look for when buying certain products/ service? Think of 5 of your fave brands (clothes, electronics, airlines, entrepreneurs etc), what do you love about their brand? (Colours, theme, message, quality, honesty etc). Then think about that relates to your business idea. What would other people want from you?

​I found my business really took off when I got super, SUPER clear who my dream audience were (if you're here, it was you!) and what they actually wanted. For example, my dream audience are ambitious women who are love health and personal development, love to travel and exercise, do yoga, lay by the pool drinking pinacoladas in the sun, read books, listen to podcasts, love yoga pants, drink chamomile tea in the evenings, go for walks and have probably at one point have had the chat with their bffs and said "omg, we should all move to Bali, buy a sickkk villa idea so we can drink green juices by the pool and do yoga all day." Tell me I'm wrong and that's not you. Haha! If I was even a little bit right, my branding has worked, as you're here (which I'm obvs super happy about!)

Now have a think about the same thing for your business idea? Exactly who is your perfect customer? What sort of things do they like & REALLY IMPORTANT:- HOW do they like to be spoken to?

To give an example: In my writing/ content/ emails/ even here, I speak to you the exact same way I'd speak to you in real life. Because that;'s the vibe of my business. Friendly, chatty, that's why this is a Tea Party, not a membership or a library. I speak to you here differently than I'd speak to my accountant, and I'd speak to my accountant differently than I'd speak to a friends kid. Right?

Think about it in your biz:

  • How does your audience want to be spoken to? Fun and casual? Super formal?

  • How do you want them to FEEL when they think about your biz? Then how can you embody that within your biz?

See what you come up with on this for now. More to come soon!

Love, Georgia.