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The Wellness Tea Party

Are you ready to reclaim your energy, start creating healthy habits and go into your days feeling calm, confident and vibrant, rather than relying on coffee and sugary snacks? The Wellness Tea Party is for you if... 🔥 You want to start putting yourself first and have full confidence in your own abilities, rather than thinking "I could have done better". 🔥 You want to have the courage to confidently handle confrontation without feeling like crap, and stop trying to please everyone.   🔥 You're a yachting Chief Stewardess and want to feel more confident and stop letting fear of failure and self doubt hold you back from living your best life, doing what YOU want. 🔥 You'd love to progress in the yachting industry and fully prepared to deal with what it could throw at you.   🔥 You'd LOVE to feel fabulously healthy and have heaps more energy. 🔥 You want to create healthy daily habits that you can actually stick to, that make you feel amazing, vibrant and GLOWING, inside and out.   🔥 You're in yachting but would love to start a side hustle, but aren't sure where to start, or the resources you need. Maybe you want to feel like it's an exciting new chapter, rather than something totally overwhelming.   🔥 You want to start your days feeling calm, rather than rushing around and flustered, and would love some amazing meditations to do in the morning.   🔥 You'd love heaps of fab resources, trainings, podcasts, yoga flows and MORE to help you with allll of this! Plus new things every month!!   The Wellness Tea Party is your SOLUTION! It's your online membership for all things healthy living, yachting and business. Yes! I'm in!  

£10.00 GBP every month