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Trainings, yoga, meditations + resources for happy, healthy living. 
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(Cos membership sounds way too boring!)
Your online home for all things healthy living, business + yachting.

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& more!

The Wellness Tea Party includes resources on the pillars of integrative nutrition, including:

food + nutrition ~ fitness ~ mindset (+ boundaries)
PLUS yoga flows, guided meditations, yachting resources and the EXCLUSIVE Tea Party podcast!

What is the Wellness Tea Party?

It's THE place to be if you want to feel fabulously healthy & confident in both your body AND mind, no matter where you are or what's going on in your life. It's for the women who are ready to step into the most vibrant, energised, confident & GLOWING version of themselves & say BYEE FELICIA to self doubt, people pleasing, diets & crappy habits.

This is my incredible monthly online membership, where you get access to amazing trainings, guides, resources, with new things being added each month... plus guided meditations, yoga flows and my exclusive podcast!


Why is it called a tea party?

Because a tea party is way more fun than a membership (especially an evening tea party with your bffs & Sephora face masks).

What topics do you cover?

Lots! All topics that will help you create a liberating, sustainable healthy lifestyle you LOVE & a bold AF mindset! More specifically:

  • Food & nutrition

  • ​Fitness + yoga flows

  • Guided meditations

  • Mindset, confidence & setting boundaries

  • Yachting life (how to reclaim your soul + feel bloody fabulous!)

  • Business tips for new + future biz owners

What's actually included?

Lots of things! My exclusive podcast, guides, recorded trainings, meditations, recipes, recorded yoga classes & more!

How much is it to join?
£9.99 per month & you can join/ cancel anytime. You're always welcome here. :)

How do I sign up?

Go to the top of the page or click HERE.

Terms of Purchase

When you sign up, you agree to the Terms of Purchase which can be found here or when you sign up.

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