Are you ready to break up with self doubt, become fierce, energised, confident & go ALL IN with your big ideas & dreams?

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A transformational 12 week programme, where we'll cover 6 incredible modules.

What you need to know:

👉 Weekly coaching call with home exercises.


👉Additional support on the Voxer app (a bit like Whatsapp, for check ins)

👉VIP Upgrade available with unlimited extra calls.

You'll learn to:

👉 Transform self doubt into self belief & confidence.

👉 Uncover the shitty, negative beliefs you subconsciously have about yourself, which are keeping you stuck.

👉 Identify what you actually desire & create a practical plan to get there, while feeling empowered.

👉 Understand the energy within your body & how it physically manifests into bodily issues

👉 Set boundaries & learn to speak your truth.

If you can do this:

👉 You can make a start on your big ideas & dreams (whether that's starting a biz, changing career, other big life changes or just go forward feeling courageous, confident & in love with yourself.)


👉 You'll feel so confident about it, with a clear plan, rather than doubtful, panicky & like you haven't got what it takes. (Cos you have!)

If you need more information:

👉 My most intimate container, fully tailored to you.

👉You'll ask yourself the big questions and dive deep into your old memories from childhood.

👉 We'll use a range of mindset techniques including NLP, EFT and energy work.

👉 Designed to give you everything you need to fully step into the most confident, courageous, self loving, happiest version of you.


👉  Create a deep inner connection with your body, next level confidence & will be saying yes to things you never would have dreamed of.

I'm SO excited for you and can't wait to be your biggest cheerleader! Yay!

Does this sound like you?

The thought of reeeeally putting yourself out there and being bold and unapologetic make you feel like omg I could never!!!!! 😳

Does the fear of failure and thought of vulnerability hold you back?

You're a people pleaser and find yourself saying 'yes' to things, when inside you're thinking noooo 😩

Do you scroll through social media & compare yourself to others, feeling unqualified to voice your ideas.

If you answered yes, you're in the right place

This course is bursting with the tools you need to bust through all of the barriers and beliefs holding you back.


 I truly believe that every woman deserves to wake up feeling happy, healthy, confident and courageous, plus feel super excited about what she's doing every day.

Whether you're wanting to create your dream biz, or just skyrocket your confidence, discover your purpose & create incredible health, I'm here to help you realise you can do all of the things your heart desires.


This is the start of something huge & incredible for you.

I used to feel the way you do and these are the things which helped me create a next level mindset and self belief. I now wake up every day getting to do what I love and I want sooo much for you to feel the same excitement, freedom and abundance every day.

This is for the ambitious woman who's ready for a sh*t ton of self belief, self love, health & a frickin epic mindset... because let's be honest, you want to feel amazing in your mind & body while working towards your dreams.

Happy Clients


"I'd never had coaching before and I wasn't sure if it would really work, but after my first session with Georgia I felt something shift and I couldn't wait for the next one! Georgia made me feel so comfortable, I felt like I was chatting to a friend that I'd known for years.

Georgia dug deep to get to know me and it wasn't long before I really began to believe that my dreams were achievable. Something in me changed and I really believed in myself! I've since left an 11 year career in banking and I am living my dream.


I pinch myself every single day. I was not a risk taker in the slightest. I owe a lot fo Georgia and I know she will be a friend for life!"

- Charlie, Superyacht Stewardess

1-1 Client


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your help. It has been such an honour working with you. Where my previous coach made me doubt myself, you created such a safe space for me.

You helped me get in touch with my truest desires by listening to myself, my intuition and honouring myself. You helped my confidence grow and this has been such a game changer for my life and business. I'm now in a place where I feel confident taking actions and making decisions from a place of love and trust. I'm forever grateful for you and your work!"

- Hailey, Spiritual Business & Mindset Coach

1-1 Client


Module breakdown


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Module 1
Module 1

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Who this is for

The woman who's ready to commit to herself and go all in.

Who it's not for

The person who wants a quick fix & isn't ready to make big moves.


What's included:

👉 12 week programme, with home exercises.

👉 Weekly coaching calls.
👉 Voxer Support (You’ll have access to me on Voxer, for check ins and accountability whenever you need.)

👉In addition to the regular programme, with my VIP Experience you can book unlimited 30-minute calls to discuss anything else that has come up for you, e.g, biz ideas, additional mindset work or if you’ve just had a shitty day & need some support... I’m here to support you anyway I can.


👉 Regular programme
£2,444 GBP paid in full (best value)

Payment plan of £1277 GBP x 2

Payment plan of £888 GBP x 3

👉 VIP Experience
£2999 GBP paid in full (Best value)

Payment plan of £1575 GBP x 2

Payment plan of £1100 GBP x 3

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